Meet The Cooks

Joyce is the master cook, and is responsible for teaching the other members of this blog everything they know about cooking. Joyce loves updating classic recipes, and is known to spend entire meals at restaurants analyzing how she could make the same dish at home. Her recipes frequently feature butter, nutmeg, or chocolate.

Elizabeth loves cooking traditional family favorites for her family of hungry boys. Elizabeth believes food should never be boring, and is always searching for a new twist to add to her meals. She is also our resident "pastry chef," and is responsible for our most delicious of dessert recipes. Her recipes frequently feature garlic, cream, or chocolate.

Rebekah is the adventurous cook. She loves trying new recipes, and is lucky to be married to a man who will eat almost anything. Rebekah lives in snowy New England, where, she is discovering, it is hard to find chili peppers (or anything spicy), but lobster is abundant! Her recipes frequently feature coffee, red peppers, or chocolate.